Sensor Gel Stick Best DSLR Sensor Cleaning Kit

Presenting the newest and most effective way of cleaning your DSLR sensor! The Sensor Gel Stick has been around for many years now, but has just became available within the United States to consumers.

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Why should you buy Sensor Gel Stick to clean your DSLR?

This DSLR Sensor Cleaning kit and gel stick is the same product that techs over at Leica, Nikon, Canon, and Olympus have been using to clean your CMOS or CCD sensors. Though previously only available to the manufactures, you can no use this product in the comfort of your own home!

The use of this technology has been implemented for years. It is a shame that the industry has not had access to this item previous to this year. If most of the camera manufacturers use this to clean YOUR cameras when you send them in for costly repairs or cleaning, then why can’t you do it yourself? The ease of use for this product is outstanding and anyone can do it. You do not need any cleaning experience. Just a keen eye and a steady hand. The gel does all the cleaning for you!

Unlike wet cleaning, the gel stick uses the sticky gel to pick up the dust. It is a fairly quick process. Make sure you follow the directions of use. This method requires you to use the stick in an up and down motion. The kits come with a sticky paper that you use to clean the gel tip of the stick. This is important as you do not want to put a dirty gel onto your camera.



The Eyelead dust-sticking brush SCK-1 has a adhesive rubber head with a high viscosity which will allow you to effectively remove dust from the sensor of your camera. Using the Eyelead dust-sticking brush is a very efficient and secure way to clean the sensor or lenses. It doesn’t leave any traces or marks at all. The 10 adhesive cleaning papers that come with the dust-sticking brush will allow you to re-use the SCK-1 up to 100 times before it loses its qualities and effectiveness. These adhesive cleaning papers are used to clean the head of the dust-sticking brush, removing debris by pressing the rubber head onto the cleaning papers…

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Finally a safe way to clean my camera's sensor on my own! No more expensive trips to Nikon!
John C.
- Wedding Photographer

Stop blowing air at your sensor...

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