The Function and Benefits of Using Sensor Gel Stick

Do you like photography? If so, then you definitely have an expensive camera where you have to keep it so that the camera works fine. Did you know that your camera sensor can be damaged if it is not cleaned? Perhaps, so far you think that you could bring to the service center when the camera is in trouble. In fact, you may actually be doing maintenance on your camera by yourself. How to do it? In this case, you can use a sensor gel stick where you can buy these tools in various camera stores.

What is a sensor gel stick and what are the benefits of using this tool? Sensor Gel Stick is a tool which is designed specifically to clean your camera’s sensor. Therefore, you no longer need to go to a service center for cleaning your camera’s sensor. Some products camera may have been providing this tool when you buy the camera, but if you do not have a sensor gel stick, then you can buy them at the camera store. What is the function and benefits of sensors get this stick?

  1. Effective Sensor Cleaning

If you are a professional photographer, then you should know and should use this tool to clean your camera’s sensor. The tool has been designed so well that it is really effective to clean up the sensor. Gel at the tip of this stick works to clean dust and dirt that make your camera sensor dirty.

  1. Clean Well

When you want to clean the sensor of your camera by yourself, you should not clean it with a cloth. Since it will make it more damaged. It is recommended that you buy a sensor gel stick to clean the sensor safely and efficiently. Just simply put the gel stick on your camera’s sensor, then the dirt will stick to the gel. Easy, right?

  1. Affordable Price

Perhaps, you could only find this tool at the camera store because basically this tool is only to clean the camera’s sensor. What about the price? Do not worry. you can get a sensor gel stick at an affordable price. The price for a sensor gel stick is around $ 40. This is a fairly cheap price if you compare it by bringing your camera to a service where you can pay up to $ 80. You can save money and certainly you can have the experience of how to clean the camera’s sensor by yourself.

In summary, sensor gel stick can be very important for you who want to maintain your camera’s sensor by yourself. Perhaps, you don’t have time to bring your camera to a camera service, so you may buy this tool and you can clean the sensor by yourself. This tool is really simple, easy, and effective. So, you are no need to worry about using it. Anybody can use this tool even though you don’t know about maintaining camera. By a little manual, then you can figure it out by yourself.

How to Perform Sensor Cleaning Using “Sensor Gel Stick”?

How to Perform Sensor Cleaning Using “Sensor Gel Stick”?

How to Perform Sensor Cleaning Using “Sensor Gel Stick”?

All photographers must know a tool called “Sensor Gel Stick”. This is a very useful tool for cleaning your DSLR camera sensor easily and quickly. Thus, you do not need to come to a camera service center just to clean your camera’s sensor. You simply buy the tool in a camera store, and then you can do the cleaning by yourself. Perhaps, you do not know how to clean your DSLR camera sensor with this tool. Therefore, we would like to share with you about how to clean the camera sensor using Sensor Gel Stick. In this case, we will try to clean a Canon Digital camera.

You can follow these steps and get the best cleaning.

First Phase

Step 1: Prepare the camera and the cleaning tool or your Sensor Gel Stick that you have bought.

Step 2: Prepare a white paper, and set your camera to aperture priority mode. Change to largest aperture figures, can be 11, 22, 29 or 32, customize it with your camera.

Step 3: Capture the white paper using the camera.

Second Phase

Step 1: After you have been photographing the white paper that you have prepared (it is important to level comparison of dirt on the sensor), so you can clean up the body camera first using a tissue or clean cloth.

Step 2: Once you think that the camera body is clean, then open the lens or lens cover and position the camera facing downwards.

Step 3: Before you use a sensor gel stick, then you can use a blower firstly. However, it is just an option. You can use the sensor gel stick directly.

Step 4: Use the sensor gel stick carefully by putting the gel on the sensor and then take it out. Here, you can see the dirt on the gel. You can try to put the gel on the sensor several times until you think that the sensor is cleaned up already.

Step 5: Finally, it is done. You can put the lens and the cover back, then capture the white paper for the second time, and compare it with the previous picture. Now, the camera works very well and no more dust around the sensor.

Well, those are several steps when you are going to clean up the sensor of your Canon DSLR camera by yourself. It is quite easy, right?

In summary, sometimes a sensor gel stick is really necessary for all of the photographers all around the world. By having a sensor gel stick, it means you can anticipate if someday the sensor of your camera gets in trouble and you finally can clean it up by yourself. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to buy this sensor gel stick if you don’t have it. You can get this tool in many camera stores for 40 dollars only. Imagine when you take your camera to a service center, there you will pay the service around 100 dollars. So, using this sensor gel stick can save more money, though.