What’s included in DSLR Cleaning Kit?

AQ028  6  300x300 - What's included in DSLR Cleaning Kit?
– Sensor Gel Stick
– 7 Pack of Viscous Cleaning Papers
– Aluminum Box
– Manual

Item Details:

This sensor cleaning kit includes the sensor gels tick and viscous cleaning paper to clean the gel. The kit should be used at room temperature (70 degrees) for maximum effectiveness. using the gel stick in humid or moist environments could result in the gel not being sticky. DSLR cleaning kit can be used for any brand of camera, you can read the manual to know more about that.

The viscous cleaning paper is coated with a non-shedding colloid material. It is helpful to clean the dust on the sensor gel stick prior to using each time. To use, peel off the sticker,and cleaning the dust gently from the gel.

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